Viola Bąbol is an artist living in Poland. In the years 2008-2013 she studied painting at the Institute of Fine Arts of the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin (Poland)
         I have been painting and drawing since I can remember. In my work, surreal and expressionist influences are strongly felt. In my paintings, I focus on the combination of floral, geometric and anatomical motifs. I fill them with strong colors. Color and line are the most important to me, they determine the mood of the work, giving it expressiveness. The impact of the work on the recipient is my priority.
  Women's Portraits are expressionist self-portraits of my personality. Through surreal reality I get the reality of my experiences. I paint what I perceive in the deepest layers of my consciousness, I express myself. Reality that passes remains on the canvas and becomes a symbol. It is a form of inviting the viewer to my world.
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